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This will help calm and sooth the skin while aiding in building strength in the skins barrier function. 

This travel kit includes 10 items and a hemp bag to travel with! 

Hydrating Foaming Cleanser 1 fl.oz.

Skin Firming Serum .125 fl.oz.

UV Damage Repair Moisturizer – for oily skin .5 fl.oz.

UV Damage Repair Moisturizer – for dry skin .5 fl.oz.

Dark Circle Eye Cream .125 fl.oz.

Treatment Oil .25 fl.oz.

Exfoliating Enzyme Masque .25 fl.oz.

Illuminating and Nourishing Masque .25 fl.oz.

Salve .125 fl.oz.

Sublingual Tincture 3.5ml

Color Up Travel Kit

  • All skin types

  • **Please see individual product for a detailed ingredients breakdown.

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