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Beautycounter: An Esthetician Choice For Business and Skincare

What would a professional esthetician want to do with a direct sales skincare company? In the day and age of #BossBabes and #SideHustle finding a company to believe in the product, the mission, and the community is essential for being able to succeed at the opportunity for running a steller business. Beautycounter has hit the mark for being an awesome cosmetic line incorporating essential ingredients for nourishing the skin as well as being a company that is a certified B Corporation, successfully doing well while also doing good for the world. The brand is gaining more traction and success with it's Clean Beauty Revolution- Getting clean products into the hands of everyone.

Why I Chose Beautycounter

This year I decided to start my own business Skincare Of The World. I wanted to be location independent which meant I was going to focus on an online business. As a licensed esthetician I spent several years in the treatment room performing corrective skincare services for resort spas, holistic spas and corporate franchises. I have worked with multiple professional lines in my career and know what ingredients truly benefit the skin. The the last 4 years I was an account executive for a skincare line where my main objective was to educate and inform estheticians and spa owners on ingredients and product to help them meet their customer needs. My business consist of educating consumers about skin biology, ingredients, and nutrition for optimally healthy skin. I have worked with so many amazing lines and I still love and recommend them.

Skincare Of The World Skin Nutrition By a Licensed Esthetician

In being location independent I did not want to manage inventory never mind investing and carrying inventory. So I was looking for companies to partner with that managed shipping, customer services, and payments.It costs a lot of money and is risky to hold inventory as a business. I keep some of the best sellers/personal favorites on hand if people want them in the moment but with Beautycounter I can have clients all over the U.S. and Canada and they get fresh products quickly to their door.

I wanted to find a line that really nourishes the skin with optimal ingredients at effective levels. In doing research about the Avons, Mary Kays, and Arbonnes of the world I looked into: products, formulations, missions, pay structure, and business building support material. I found that for me Beautycounter had what I was looking for on most points.

Personally, I really like what Beautycounter stands for and what they are doing for the skincare industry. They are educating consumers about potentially harmful ingredients in beauty products, (look at the Never List). They are also creating a powerful movement to help create regulations and federal law changes to enhance consumer safety and make companies accountable for their formulations. "Currently the EU had banned or restricted 1,400 questionable health risk ingredients from personal care products, compared to the US that has only banned or restricted 30."

Are Beautycounter Products Effective

I tried the products and there were several I really liked. I dove deeper into their formulations and found that not only are they formulating clean but also effectively. My main focus is educating my clients on how to feed and nourish the skin. Just like the body the skin is an organ that needs proper nutrition. They formulate in a way that I would say is very gentle and nourishing to the skin. In the last few years my approach has changed to skin health. Healthy skin is more about getting essential nutrition topically. Where as I was all about acids, retinols, and services to aggressively exfoliate, correct and change the skin in the past I now see the benefit of nourishing the skin and giving it the resources (ingredients) it needs to correct itself. I still LOVE all of my stimulating acids, etc. Beautycounter does have some heavy hitters like the Overnight Resurfacing Peel and Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream which has the retinol alternative Bakuchiol. In general though I would say they are a ethically clean conscious brand that focuses on nurturing the skin.

But it's an MLM

There are literally thousands of product lines around the world and they all try to differentiate themselves. I have found fabulous and effective products all over the world. I refuse to say that there is one line that does it all. Beautycounter checked out when I looked at the ingredients, the service and products they provide to my clients as well as the professional support they give me in building my online business. I know that direct sales and MLM's get a bad wrap for turning your fun friends into hounding car sales men. However if any friend was starting a business wouldn't we all like to support them first vs. the Walmart and Walgreen's of the world? The truth is the beauty industry is a multi BILLION dollar industry and its because people are buying products. Every professional learns about a few lines and becomes an expert in them enough to know how to utilize and recommend a line. When it comes to products it is about the formulations and active ingredients. Well known names don't equal necessarily mean effective products. The truth is that there are quite a few direct marketing companies that offer amazing products and it was their business strategy to have their products be recommended by the people who use them.

Clean Beauty Brand

I believe that skincare should be healthy for you and I am interested in supporting my clients health with clean skincare and makeup products. Beautycounter has taken a lot of research work out of the game for myself and consumers because of their transparency and commitment to sourcing and formulating clean. Skincare should nourish your skin. I love educating on why and how ingredients work. If you are interested in knowing more about healthy skin you can get my 5 Key Ingredients from my website. Everyone has a unique body composition and just like there are certain foods and exercises that will work better with your body so to with skincare ingredients and products lines. Work with an esthetician or naturalist dermatologist to see what is the right blend for you.

Flawless in Five clean beauty makeup
Flawless in Five

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