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Spring Cleansing

Updated: May 25, 2019

Yay it is Spring! Speaking of Spring Cleaning lets talk about Cleansers. Cleanser have long been apart of the most basic of skincare regiments but they are often overlooked at being not a vital part of helping change the skin.

Why Are Cleansers Important? 

Everyday your skin comes into contact with dozens of viruses, bacteria, and pollutants. Dead skin cells collect on the surface of the skin daily. As we are living in a ever more industrialized era there are tons of free radicals floating in the air. Science is finding that skin damage comes from environmental stress even more than UV rays. One of the skins primary functions is to protect us from external toxins and pollutants. The best way to help support the skin and counteract this, is by using a cleanser morning and night that is high in antioxidants and vitamins.

What Cleanser Is Right For Me?

There are hundreds of cleanser out there. So which to choose? First start with a company or brand you trust. Make sure that the products you are using have clean non-toxic ingredients. If you have questions about the products you are using look them up on the EWG website. Look for a cleanser that first matches your skin type. Then look for the kind of products you like. There are all different types of cleanser to match your needs including; foaming cleansers, cream cleansers, clay cleansers, gel cleanser, oils, bars, balms and more.  Think about heaviness of a product if you have dry skin cleansing oils, balms, and creams will be rich and creamy and add moisture to your skin. If you are more oily or like lighter feeling products cleansing clays, gels, or bars will be a better match for you. Also look for a cleanser that is P.H. balanced to the skin which is around 5.5 P.H. This will help keep the barrier function in tact.

When comparing products and prices look for products that have active (beneficial) ingredients for the skin and are not full of fillers or low concentrations of active ingredients. You want a cleanser that protects, feeds and nourishes the skin.

The Benefits Of Cleansing The Skin

Keeps bacteria and viruses from turning into infections on the skin. This will minimize breakouts and inflammation of the skin.Removing the excess debris from the skin will keep pores clear and minimize the appearance of large pores. This will also allow the other products you are utilizing to be able penetrate to the deeper levels of the skin where they are meant to work. Hydration levels will increase as you are keeping the barrier function clean of debris and keeping the P.H. in balance.Double cleansing can be great if you wear a lot of make up. The first pass will break up the makeup and the second pass will ensure all of the bacteria has been removed. 

If you want to know what is the right cleanser for you book a free virtual consultation or you can take the skin quiz.

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