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Gifts For the Active Conscious Woman

Do you have an amazingly active, outdoorsy, boss lady in your life? What is the best present for her? In this post I go over some amazing gifts you can you give your smart, health conscious adventurous girlfriend(s), mothers, daughters, and sister tribe. I love going on adventures and some of my most favorite items I use on a regular basis are products that are good for an all day adventure. I like to get up, get my sunscreen on and hydrate, then head out on an adventure maybe skiing or hiking, possibly top it off with hot springs somewhere and then head to a delicious dinner. Give your girls an experience.

Get Creative With an Experience

One of the most special gifts you can give to someone is giving them your time and attention, wanting to create a memory with them. My most recent favorite adventure was hiking to Vhiren Peak, staying in a mountain hut and singing with local Burlgarians! Then headed to the black sea coast for a beach day. With girl friends we set up trips to go stay at a hot springs hotel. We'll do skiing or biking during the days and then cook dinner and drink wine on the patio getting silly in the hot tub.

Book a nights stay or an excursion with your family or a few friends so you can be together sharing an experience and creating new memories and stories. I often utilize Airbnb and now that they are offering excursions and activities you can easily create an awesome adventure for you and the active ladies in you life.

A Pretty Woman's Outdoor Survival Kit

When I am out all day and then have an evening adventure I start with my Zinc base non toxic reef safe mineral sunscreen. I love my colorful girly truckers hat to keep the sun off my face and feel cute. Hiking and having an easy slip on shoe are essential, Chaco sandals are a outdoor girls best friend. They are strappy, sleek and you can hike in them!

I'm a licensed esthetician and so I'm a fanatic when it comes to keeping my skin protected. So I love a quick dry, light weight, shirt to protect my skin while I'm out hiking and biking. Then when it is time to get a little dressed up for dinner and a show in the mountains or on the beach. I utilize my Flawless in Five to get a little glow going and refresh my face and then put on my mountain girl Prana dress ( I also hike in these) for cool mountain air I like a heavier style that I can wear leggings and boots, and my light weight puffy jacket. When its the warm season I love my strappy dress and my polarized Suncloud sunglasses.

This Holiday Season Create an Experience

We really want time with the people we love. Whether it is playing board games, going to see a show and dinner together or going on a little holiday. If you and your special girl(s) are adventure people these are some of my essentials for being dynamic and tough enough but cute enough for any experience. These gift ideas can accompany a reservation for a hotel get away, a pair of lift tickets, or just on their own to help your adventure girl get prepared for next season.


This blog does have affiliate links that you can utilize for gift ideas. You are under no obligation to purchase through them and I am not in a paid partnership to endorse any brand listed. If you choose to purchase through the links I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. The commission helps me to continue to create valuable content for you! Thank you for your support.

Samara Lynd

Licensed Esthetician

If you are looking to know more about your skin, products, and ingredients. I create educational content on how to correct issues like acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and aging. Join my Skin Fitness online community for free guide and resources for healthier, stronger skin.

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