Hi, I’m Samara

I am a Colorado native, cycling, hiking, world traveling, licensed esthetician. I loved growing up in the mountains and riding my bike into the town of Glenwood Springs from No Name where I grew up. I wanted to be a raft guide when I grew up, (which I did for 3 season on the Colorado River). But in the mean time I started working at The Vapor Caves doing laundry when I was 14 for some extra cash. Eventually I was trained to do the spa treatments and I gave people salt scrubs and mud wraps. This lead me to getting my esthetic license in  2008. 

I have always been a traveler. My mom would take us road tripping every summer. When I was 17 I did my first "solo" trip to Coasta Rica on an Outward Bound trip. And that was it I caught the bug! I've been to 20+ countries and counting. 

I went back to school in 2012 for a Business Marketing Degree and became a sales rep for a skincare line. I found that I love learning about products and ingredients and that I'm really good at breaking down information for people to be able to understand and learn. Skincare Of The World is me blending my passions together. 


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About Skincare of the World

I love seeing the world and all it has to offer! I particularly like to look at it through the lens of skincare, spa services, and cultural beauty norms. While I travel I like to visit independently owned and corporate spas. I like to use and reference what products and services a country or area is known for as well as independent companies that are changing the landscape of a place's beauty standards. 


 I want to share my knowledge with people looking for a way to maintain and correct their skin health. I love sharing my information and understanding of the skin, products, and ingredients so that others can make informed decisions. There are hundreds of product lines and it can be hard to know where to start. I have a couple of lines that I know and trust that I want to share with people. Between the lines I carry I believe we can solve any issues you may be having. 

I also look at the way that companies are impacting the world around us. The beauty industry is a $500+ Billion Dollar industry and is continuing to grow. Each culture around the world has different beauty standards, regulatory practices, and key ingredients they believe in. I strive to shed light on a world wide understanding of skincare.